Saturday, July 24, 2004

New idea for iLife 5

I love Apples iLife concept. Bundle digital lifestyle apps together in a nice integrated fashion. I think this is a very powerful concept and one that entices people to be more creative. There is life beyond cranking out boring word processing documents or creating boring presentations. Audio and video surround us everyday via TV and AM/FM radio. iTunes in particular has become the crown jewel of iLife. It is the gateway to the iTunes Music Store. Being that it's so popular there should be some additional protections put in place IMO.

I think Apple has the perfect chance to take a step forward and take advantage of the security advantage that OSX has. I think the next iLife component should be a mini version of Apple Remote Desktop . This would come along with the come along with the iLife Family Pack. Apple Remote Desktop is very cool because it allows you to monitor the screens on multiple networked computers. It allows software distribution as well. The iLife version would be of course scaled back to support 5 clients total and there would be hooks into "iTunes 5" that would allow the "Master" to control the iTunes display of "Explicit" content on iTMS. Parents would then utilize this feature to make sure that their children aren't listening to inapproprate songs. A log would be available as well to make sure unsavory websites were not being visited as well. As a parent myself of a child that is not of computer using age I can easily see where I will have to protect my child from making the mistake of accessing an adult site like versus Security from external virus and worms is no less important to parents as the security from adult content forcing its way into your computing life. Apple could make some significant usability strides here by making a security component to iLife.

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