Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ever wished for a spreadsheet that wasn't a pain to use?

Enter Quantrix.
If you view the Flash Tour you will begin to wonder why Microsoft with its many many billions has not gotten Excel to do these things. The demo shows the creation of a spreadsheet that models data with 4 formulas that would require over 200 Excel formulas. Isn't it about time we computer users actually got a little Return on Investment ourselves in the form of great software? I'm just a bit miffed that Apple hasn't gone where Quantrix has. Innovative shell casings are nice but I know plenty of accountants who'd sign over portions of their paychecks to have a spreadsheet that is intuitive. Where are you Apple? As for Quantrix best of luck to you. Check them out below

Quantrix - Tools for Professional Financial Modeling: "Quantrix goes beyond spreadsheets

Some compelling reasons why you should consider Quantrix Modeler as your professional modeling tool of choice."

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Anonymous said...

And yet, does Quantix have the right pricing model. I see it and say "cool!" Then I see the price and say, "eh." At about $100, I would easily buy a license. $1000 is just too much.